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2009-10-29 10:20:21 by zombiesurfer

yep....not that it really matters but im gonna start working on flash again

pokemon heart gold soul silver

2009-06-16 12:26:04 by zombiesurfer

hey, sorry i havn't posted in a while, too lazy, if anyone hasn't heard, pokemon heart gold and soul silver are almost on release in japan and its looking to be the best pokemon game so far it has:

ALL pokemon can follow you like pikachu in yellow
DP style graphics (rememer you can visit kanto again)
arceus, jirachi and notched ear pichu event
kyogre in heart gold, groudon in soul silver, rayquazar if both is on one game
jirachi events opens up new area
arecus event allows you to get a level 1 palkia, dialga or giratina

for better info go to


2008-10-31 11:28:39 by zombiesurfer

i have just joined the minigame madness collab, see chunkycheese12 to join, and ive finished my new tutorial please be sure to vote 5 and recoment it for the flash collection

pokemon towns

2008-10-09 13:34:51 by zombiesurfer

ive got a new pokemon sprites club so be sure to join heres the link:pokemon sprites

recent post

2008-08-23 11:19:10 by zombiesurfer

me + chunkycheese12 are going to work on mario flash r.p.g. and the one day collab 2 is out now


2008-05-10 10:52:44 by zombiesurfer

hey everyone i finally made another post, the fighting game collab is coming soon and i've almost finished my new tutorial.


2008-03-09 04:10:38 by zombiesurfer

ok working on ssb 1-up with chunkycheese12 because me and him were good friends BEFORE we joined newgrounds. screen shots coming soon.

games in process

2008-01-02 07:39:05 by zombiesurfer

news post: I'm working on a movie called flash hero based on guitar hero